Who are we?

Louise and Simon first met in late 2014 in, what seems serendipitous now, a large liquor chain store where Simon was working. Simon introduced Lou to the big wide world of wine, beer, and spirits beyond cider and chardonnay, whereas Lou introduced Simon to the world of charcuterie and cheese. And thus, it was a match made in heaven!

Just prior to someone eating a bat in a wet market, Lou started to think about filling a niche in the Warrnambool liquor market with a retail store that sells excellent local, independent, interesting wines, along with craft beers, and small batch spirits. To make it even more niche, maybe some meat and cheese boards to accompany said beverages? Thus, the concept of Grape & Barley was born. 

A cumulation of changes in circumstance, job dissatisfaction, and an itch that won't go away, early 2022 proved be be the year to stop talking and take the leap. 2023 proved to be the year we finally opened, but as they say, good things come to those who wait!


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